Computer Network Relocated to a Data Center

Posted May 31, 2011
In August of 2005, Hurricane Katrina rudely brought to light just how quickly normal business operations can be disrupted. During conditions such as those experienced back then, while we recognize our business operations may be in a state of flux, we also realize your shipment activities in other areas of the country and the world remain for the most part unaffected.

J.W. Allen & Company immediately set a goal applying lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina that mandated regardless of the situation; weather, power outages, fires, floods or other civil or natural disasters, the steps taken would assure as little disruption to service as possible. It is our pleasure to announce these goals have been met.

As of this this date, J.W. Allen & Company's computer network is being maintained off-site in a data center dedicated to offering security and reliability to IT based operations. Our chosen data center is a hardened facility built well above sea level with multi-redundant layers of high security and data connectivity options designed to ensure system security, integrity, accessibility and reliability.

The data center operates using multiple outside power sources with a number of internal backup generators in place in the event of a power outage or natural disaster. The generators automatically activate in the event of a loss of power and are powered by a special type of green fuel. This fuel is specially formulated and cannot be used in either automotive or military vehicles. Because of this formulation the fuel is unlikely to be confiscated by civilian or military officials for their use. Use of this type of fuel assures reliable power at the data center will be available in the event of a catastrophe.

The satisfaction we feel in reaching this goal is the peace of mind it brings you, our valued client. Meeting this goal makes certain our network will be accessible by J.W. Allen & Company personnel on a 24/7/365 basis, regardless of our employee's physical location, the condition of our office building or the condition of the New Orleans metro area. This revised business model allows us to continue to provide timely service and efficient handling of your international and domestic shipments while guaranteeing you will continue to receive quality customer service regardless of any external factors that may impact our business operations.

Thanks & Best Regards

Jerry Becnel
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