36 Years of Good Times and Counting!

Posted August 7, 2012
As we celebrate J.W. Allen’s 80 years of operations, it makes me think back 36 years ago when as a young "green" kid straight out of high school starting my first full time job at J.W. Allen & Company.  As you can imagine, things have certainly changed.  When I first started, the Forwarders, Steamship Lines, Customs, etc. were located in the heart of the New Orleans business district and were all within walking distance of your office.

Office tools consisted of the telex machine, ditto, manual adding machine, and typewriters which now have been replaced by the computer, email, fax, and copy machines.  I remember sitting for many hours at the telex machine trying to get a message done, fighting with the purple ditto paper we created the bills of ladings on.  I must admit, I don't miss the purple ink one bit.

The luncheons, parties, and after work get-togethers made this New Orleans group bond over the years with everyone becoming not only colleagues but life long friends.  

The pace of our business has picked up over the years with containerization, isotanks, and bulk tankers becoming mainstream.  As a result larger vessels, more frequent sailings and quicker transit times are a part of our everyday lives.  Whew, the speed of business has certainly changed since my first day on the job.

As the business has changed, J.W. Allen has progressed with it to make this company the best it can be.  I have fond memories of the close relationships I've made over the years and look forward to many more. 

Happy 80thAnniversary J.W. Allen!

Karen Johns

Export Dept. - Senior Account Rep.

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