Hurricane Isaac ~ Thursday August 30th, 4:30 pm Update

Posted August 30, 2012
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Hurricane Isaac has passed with recovery efforts underway.  Our office is safe, securre and accessible having sustained only minor damage to the exterior of the building; however, our facility is presently without power or phone service hindering our full return.

Entergy Power, operating in conjunction with State and Local Governments, is working to restore power in affected areas soonest.     It is unknown when basic services will be restored to our building.

Our disaster / contingency planning has readied us for this situation.  Our network servers remain operational with employees working remotely to provide service as needed.  In the event you have any inquiries regarding shipments in process, please contact the following persons for assistance:

Exports:    Kristi App - (504) 452-2290      Jerry Becnel - (504) 812-4774

Imports:   Beth Raymond - (504) 439-0657      Sandy Frazier - (504) 417-0731

As our network servers are operational, e-mail communications are being received asnd transmitted in good order.  We will respond to any inquiries soonest upon receipt.

We will provide additional updates as things continue to develop.

Isaac can't keep us down... Who Dat!  Go Saints!
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