Customs & Border Protection ~ Change is on the way!

Posted October 9, 2012
Heading to the office this morning I realized the holidays are almost upon us with 2012 reaching the home stretch.  I always seem to be a little surprised at how fast the year moves and this year is certainly no exception.  My dad told me often that “I had no idea how fast I grew up” and I must say as I write this with two beautiful girls of my own, ages 11 and 12, “Dad, you were right.”  While looking back on 2012, I couldn’t help but recognize that my little girls aren’t the only ones who are growing up; U.S. Custom’s is growing up as well.

Growing our own businesses might be as easy as embracing new technologies but when your operations are on a scale equal to CBP’s, managing change is a little more challenging.  The same technology that presents opportunities for increased efficiency in our own operations simultaneously presents hurdles for CBP.  Custom’s effort to become more efficient by adopting modern technologies forces them to restructure their business model moving forward.

Custom’s development of the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE), Centers for Excellence and Expertise (CEE), Simplified Entry and the Role of the Broker initiative offer proof CBP is working to leverage technology, resources and partnerships. CBP is committed and is moving forward in increasing the efficiency and security of trade.

Through its development of ACE, CBP is embracing modern technology to consolidate entry processing with participating government agencies while simultaneously increasing security and expediting the flow of legitimate trade in a paperless environment.  By developing Centers of Excellence and Expertise specific to given industries, CBP is able to better utilize its specially trained workforce in providing greater consistency in its enforcement efforts while concurrently reducing costs.  Simplified Entry offers expedited entry processing through the submission of 12 data elements enabling CBP to identify potential risks earlier in the process while also streamlining the release of cargo and reducing processing costs.  In undertaking the Role of the Broker initiative, CBP has a dual purpose. In addition to modernizing broker regulations CBP is also positioning brokers to be force multipliers regarding importers embracing of CBP programs and initiatives.

Looking to the future, we find ourselves on the cusp of many great developments and initiatives which will forever change the way the trade community interacts and conducts business with CBP.  Not since the on-set of the automation process has the industry experienced the groundbreaking type of change soon to be upon us which will dramatically affect the way the trade community interacts with CBP.

Through our industry involvement and continuing education efforts, we are positioned to effectively manage these new developments ensuring the timely processing of your shipments.  Two things are certain; change is on the way and we’re preparing for it today!

Jerry Becnel

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