Special Thanks for a Job Well Done!

Posted May 30, 2014
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During her 23+ year career with J.W. Allen & Company, Michele Ellis consistently displayed qualities and characteristics that simply can not be taught. Honesty, integrity, character and an unwavering desire to get the job done highlight Michele's tenure.

Beginning her career with J.W. Allen & Company in September of 1991, Michele worked hand in hand with Lester Orth, J.W. Allen & Company's President at the time. Although Lester was rigid and methodical in his work processes, Michele quickly adapted and thrived under his tuteledge. In the years that followed, Michele developed an expertise in handling chemicals that served her well throughout her career.

Michele approached each day with a sense of urgency and always worked hard to leave clients satisfied. Five o'clock was quitting time but only if there were no time sensitive tasks to be done. (Michele, we noticed & Thank You!!!)

Michele is a wonderful employee but to speak of her only in this regard would be a tremendous injustice. Michele earned the nickname 'Mimi' in the office, not because she is like our grandparent but because she treats all of us like we are her family. Mimi routinely handled many of the tasks often easily overlooked such as ordering masses, flowers and birthday cakes, a testament to her loving, caring nature.

Officially retiring from J.W. Allen & Company on Friday May 30th, Michele ends her career with the love and admiration of her J.W. Allen family.

In addition to the professional side, Michele was a person of character, strong morals and ethics, but what stood out most was her sensitivity. When there was a death or illness, she was arranging the flowers and passing about the card, but more importantly she had a sense in the office; when there was a special need with a staff person, she immediately brought it to management, so we could respond. I will surely miss Michele. Billy App

Michele, my life is better with you in it. You are truly a good friend, person and co-worker. You always make us laugh! Cathy Alvarez

Mimi is the ever present caregiver of JW Allen. She is constantly asking if she can get something, do something, or bring something for all of us here. We will miss her dearly. Mimi has always taken pride in her job and is loved by all who come in contact with her. We will need a couple of people to take on her extra jobs around here she handled with care.

Take care Mimi and have a great retirement! We Love You. Karen Johns

Michele, although our time together was short it was a great pleasure having you part of the team. I’m a better person having known you and wish nothing but the best for your retirement. Bill Yennie

Michele, I'm lucky to have been able to call you my co-worker, but I'm blessed to have been able to call you my friend! Best Wishes on the next step of your journey! Jerry Becnel

We Love You Michele!!!
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