J.W. Allen & Company Office Closure ~ Friday March 11th

Posted March 11, 2016
Category Company News

8:15 a.m. Update

As a result of severe weather conditions presently impacting Southeastern Louisiana and Southern Mississippi our office is presently closed.

Office conditions hinder us from undertaking normal business due to intermittent power outages and partial power service adversely impacting our office area making our office building and phone system inoperable. The local electric company advises our office conditions may not resume to normal conditions until late this afternoon.

Our computer network infrastructure is housed in a secure off-site data center and remains in full operation with employees working remotely to provide service as needed. The preferred method of communication is by email as these services are up and running.

Additional updates will be forthcoming as conditions develop and more information becomes available.

While emails will be monitored remotely weather conditions may have a negative effect on response timeliness. Emergency contact information is available on our website.

For our unplanned closure we apologize. We appreciate your understanding and please know your business is important to us as every effort will be made to properly support your needs.

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