Weather Update (1) ~ "Invest 99-L"

Posted August 26, 2016
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Adverse Weather Conditions Potentially Impacting the Gulf of Mexico

According to the National Hurricane Centers Friday August 26th update low pressure system "Invest 99-L" is expected to move into the eastern Gulf of Mexico early next week. This system has a medium chance (60 percent) of becoming at least a tropical depression within the next five days.

Invest 99-L currently extends from eastern Cuba north to the central Bahamas and is producing disorganized shower and thunderstorm activity.

"Upper-level winds are expected to remain unfavorable for significant development during the next couple of days while the system moves west-northwestward at about 10 mph," the National Hurricane Center forecasters said. "Environmental conditions could become a little more conducive for development early next week when the system moves into the eastern Gulf of Mexico."

The system has a low chance (20 percent) of developing further within 48 hours.

"Regardless of development, heavy rains with the potential to cause flash floods and mud slides, are likely over Hispaniola on Friday and over eastern and central Cuba through the weekend. Gusty winds and locally heavy rainfall are likely over portions of the Bahamas and will likely spread into parts of South Florida and the Florida Keys over the weekend", the National Hurricane Center advised.

Residents in Florida and the eastern Gulf of Mexico should continue to monitor the progress of this disturbance.

In addition, the Air Force Reserve Hurricane Hunter aircraft scheduled to investigate this system Friday morning has been canceled.

J.W. Allen Preparedness & Business Continuity

While a great deal of uncertainty remains regarding the storm's projected path and further development, we are actively monitoring "Invest 99-L" and will follow up with additional updates regarding its development as a new information becomes available.

Based on the storms current location, J.W. Allen & Company is presently operating under Phase IV of our "Catastrophe / Business Continuity" plan.

Following is a summary of our Phase IV operations:

Phase IV: Active tropical depression, tropical storm, or hurricane in the South or Mid Atlantic west of 65 º longitude, or the Caribbean Sea above 15º latitude threatening entry into the Gulf of Mexico.

NOTE: As appropriate to the situation, only those applicable points in Phase IV will apply in the event of a national or local emergency or catastrophe.

1. General staff notification hurricane Phase IV is in effect.
2. Regular but periodic monitoring by management or designated staff of weather situation by radio, internet, television, etc.
3. Regular staff updates on weather conditions.
4. Operators and management contact key vendors, the Port, etc. and inquire as to their anticipated hurricane plan, and what level of support we could expect should the city of New Orleans be inside or outside the cone of uncertainty.
5. Securement audit/walkthrough of our office proper is performed to ready ourselves in the event the evacuation of our office is required.
6. Assessment audit is performed for each JWA employee's desk on per client and per file basis;
a) all working / upcoming shipment files are audited;
b) all upcoming shipments for which documents are on hand are entered and transmitted to CBP;
c) shipment documents are requested from each client for all upcoming shipments for which documents are required for entry processing;
d) all completed shipment files are scanned to ensure safekeeping.
7. Initial client/vendor communication is transmitted detailing our current state of preparedness assuring clients JWA has a tropical storm/hurricane plan in the event an evacuation becomes necessary. Plan will include;
a) a general overview to clients on how JWA will continue to support their business and process their shipments;
b) an overview of how it is anticipated JWA's vendors will support us;
c) any change in our current state of preparedness will be communicated timely.

J.W. Allen & Company's "Catastrophe / Business Continuity" plans incorporate multiple data center and data storage redundancies designed to ensure our business continuity and more importantly yours. As appropriate, additional details regarding any operational changes we may take as a result of impending adverse weather conditions will be communicated. Additional information regarding our business continuity plan is available by clicking

Updates will follow as appropriate, Monday at the latest, regarding our contingency planning to ensure our business continuity in support of yours.

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