Technology for Success

Fueled with the understanding our industry is operational on a 24/7/365 basis, our technological platform was designed to not only ensure our own business continuity but more importantly yours!


- Hurricane Category 5 facility of high elevation

- Multilevel building security ensures the integrity of our I.T. platform

- Multiple power redundancies are in place
     - Multiple electrical feeds service the building
     - Backup generators are powered by ‘green’ fuel

- Multiple internet providers route communications

- Automatic failover services are in place

- Computer servers are monitored 24/7/365 to ensure system performance and integrity

**Our network servers can be remotely and securely accessed from anywhere in the world enabling our employees to relocate themselves in the event of an emergency and continue providing service.**

- Off the shelf, cost efficient, easily secured and portable devices

- Serve solely as a ‘gateway’ to connect to the network servers

- Offer increased security as firewall protections are enforced at the server level

- As they have no hard drives Thin Clients are impervious to viruses.

- Communications Platform

     - All office/ data center communications are routed over a secure, encrypted virtual private network (VPN)
     - Within our office a private and dedicated 20 Meg Metro Ethernet high speed connection serves as our primary gateway to the data center.
       A service failure prompts an automatic rollover to a reliable secondary service so communications remain intact.

- Spam, Spyware, and Anti-virus software firewall protections combined with email security protocols offer real time protection against viruses and other threats.

     - Network servers (related data) are electronically backed up off-site on a nightly basis
     - All entry & shipment related documents are scanned for electronic storage
     - Scanned data is redundantly stored on multiple drives within our office and backed up off-site on a nightly basis as well
     - General office documents and data is scanned ensuring availability to protect our business continuity