Established in 2001, the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism program (C‐TPAT) is a cooperative effort of Customs & Border Protection (CBP) with the trade community seeking to safeguard international trade from terrorists and other security threats that may jeopardize the economic health of the U.S. and its trading partners. Designed to extend the border security of the United States outward to a shipment’s point of origin, the C-TPAT program enables CBP to better assess the level of risk a shipment poses much earlier in the supply chain. This advanced targeting initiative enables CBP to better utilize inspection resources to identify and target more questionable shipments. C-TPAT participants sign a memorandum of understanding and commit to working with CBP to protect the international supply chain by implementing practices designed to identify security lapses thus enhancing overall supply chain security. Participants submit on line profiles detailing their current security protocols while at the same time addressing a wide range of topics designed to further enhance safety and security throughout their entire supply chain. C‐TPAT members are considered low‐risk and are therefore less likely to face customs examinations. This designation is based on a company’s past compliance history, security profile, and the validation of a sample international supply chain. C-TPAT participants recognize a number of benefits offering a competitive advantage such as: • Reduced Customs Inspections • Free and Secure Trade (FAST) – Expedited entry processing for cargo from Mexico and Canada • Cargo Examination Priority – Front of the Line Privileges • Business Resumption – Priority access to the U.S. market • Minimize Supply Chain Disruptions • Increases Professionalism and Marketability An investment in the C-TPAT program is a commitment to minimize risk and enhance the security of your own supply chain while also maximizing the security of U.S. trade in general. Because of the advantages in being a part of the C-TPAT program your participation is highly encouraged. Participation in the C-TPAT program is easier than you think. Click Here for more information on the C-TPAT program.

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